2009 Wild Aspirations I

Wild Aspirations-The Yellow Sheep River Project: Solo Exhibition by Chou Ching-hui

Yellow Sheep River is the name of a rural village in Gansu i Province, China. It became well-known because of Mr. WEN
Shiren’s computer assistance program. WEN Shiren chose Yellow Sheep River to realize his dream of turning a rural
village into a hub with the help of technology in the hope that such a program could be extended to the other parts of
China and the entire world to quickly raise the quality of living for the poor.

At first, Chou Ching-hui went to Yellow Sheep River to document this charity program. Accidentally, he found a more
attractive and artistic theme – the village children’s imagination of computers and their creative impulse as inspired
by the foreign stuff. The documentary photographer Chou began to think about how to express the dreams in the
children’s mind.

Chou’s works are about the relationship between human beings and dreams. Thus, documentary photography
becomes a carrier for modern culture, to depict and being depicted, to watch and being watched, to document and
being documented. Through his intervention, the artist creates an imaginative space of combining people, society
and the locality. The seemingly simple pictures capture the surreal colors and images with a variety of post-modern
elements hidden inside and present a unique category of modern photography.(by Yang Zhao)